This is a good friend's son.  He was stuck in this spot for 15 minutes of the match cheering on NYCFC!

Omari and Kwame spend their time off the pitch spreading soccer to innercity students.  This photo is from a tournament they participated in sponsored by NYCFC.  The kids had a very enthusiastic showing, cheered on every second by their coaches!

This was taken in Philly.  The crowd in the supporter's section always stand and they returned late to the stands.  Gladly, dad was there for the rescue!

These young men were part of the first graduating class of the Philadelphia Union's soccer academy.  Soon they will be off to colleges or pro teams to continue their careers.  I believe all of them are from innercity Philadelphia.

Deron is a "day one" supporter of NYCFC and is always known for being very jovial and in a great mood.  He's also known for the "not impressed" face he deploys in photographs.

I won this round!

Andrew is an original drummer and capo for the supporters section of NYCFC.  Here is leading the chants for the match against the Cosmos.

This is Dave all the way.  A fun loving guy, always gregarious and in the middle of the mix!

This is a stadium staffer going into the stands before the match against the Columbus Crew. For a lot of these staffers, NYCFC is their first soccer experience as well. So in away, they share that with the supporters. I especially enjoyed his athletic wear, given the tunnel here, he has the same approach and makeup as the players on the pitch.

This is a childhood friend of mine, Steven, enjoying his first NYCFC match.  Trust me, he's happy.... He's just too damn cool to show it.

I thought this was awesome.  This young lady was a few rows down from the visiting NYCFC supporters section.  She had to hear us cheer against her team all game, but made sure she got her revenge once it was clear NYCFC was going to lose.

This is Sahara and her family enjoying the game.  Well, mostly.  The little one is probably still trying to tuck in between his jacket and his scarf!  The half had just started back up, thus their focus.

Meet Officer Humphrey.... Who shut nonsense down with a quick look.  He was a welcome addition of cool and level-headness to a crazy game day experience.

Not sure about the LL Cool J licking of the lips though.....