This is my good friend Toya.  She is a doctoral student at the University of Florida.  Usually she has a serious demeanor, but this photo, I believe, she's what she truly is.  A secret optimist and fun lady, always looking ahead.

This picture is from the Jazz Age Lawn Party, held on Governor's Island during the summer.  I world summarize it as 20's cosplay and is the kind of event you would think to see black women at, but there they were, fully immersed, and enjoying the experience!

Mirland is very active in social justice concerns which reflects in her art.  Here we were chilling in Brooklyn when I pulled out my camera.  The smile is from me telling her she's beautiful; it's her shyness coming through.

This young lady is at the Milo Yiannopoulos Speaks at Rutgers University event I have in my photo albums.  She caught my eye because of the coloring in her hair.  I think it's the classiest use of purple hair I've seen, especially coupled with her natural hair.

I wish I could say this is something out of the ordinary, but this is my Ariel.  Always smiling, always happy.  It's something that you do not see mentioned much when people speak about black women.  This is my first portrait captured with my Sony a7.

Here is Principal Powell.  As the academic leader of a school, she carries a large burden daily, but always takes time to show care for her students and staff.  Here I was able to catch her fully relaxed after a rough morning.

This young woman is performing at an open mic R&B night.  She came up to the stage so unassuming and just captivated the audience completely with a stunning performance.  So diminutive and so powerful!

I adored their hair.  These young women were at the New York Greek Picnic surrounded by weaves and perms and were completely confident in themselves and their hair.

Welcome to Ms. Andrews... All sass all the time... This is her making a face at me for telling a corny joke while shooting.  She's an education administrator and is making great, positive moves in Newark for the children there.

I adore this picture.  I think the combination of the uniqueness of a black woman soccer fan (not attached to a man), and the fact that she is, in this moment, completely and absolutely comfortable in the noise that surrounds gameday at Yankee Stadium is awesome!

When I got on the train I couldn't look away. She was so upright and regal and has this very unique style and story. It was as if she leapt out from the background of the sheet metal and plastic surrounding her.