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Junior High Days... Were we not all awkward - Photo by Georgette Clark

Junior High Days... Were we not all awkward
- Photo by Georgette Clark

I began my photography journey in college.  I enjoyed the way people would light up and react to the camera.  Moreover, since I came from a negative upbringing, I had very few pictures of myself from my youth.  So I relished the opportunity to document my college days.

The current digital age of photography arrived during my Sophomore year of college.  With my newly purchased Canon 30D, I began photographing the football games for the university.  I was given latitude to cover the sidelines and the crowd.  It was a great experience, capturing the game and the joy people derived from it.  It also provided some great opportunities to travel and meet people.

Due to finances I did not continue photography after college, taking a break for four years.  I returned to it after enrolling in graduate school at the University of Florida, inspired by the new environment, people, and interactions.

It was there that I started to develop my style, which focuses on candid moments.  Even if I am photographing within a controlled shoot, I prefer catching the spontaneous micro-expressions that occur rather the polished and practiced expressions of the professional.

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That's what sheeeee said!!! - Photo by Jenny Lando

That's what sheeeee said!!!
- Photo by Jenny Lando


Photos showing black supporters and fans of Major League Soccer in an effort to promote involvement and outreach to innercity/urban communities.


A celebration of dark-skinned American women with a focus on their personalities and aspects of their existence not widely celebrated or publicized.

Of Note

It is extremely flattering when people share my images.  I ask, if you can, please link back to the image directly on my website.  If you are compelled to save the file locally I ask you to consider two things:  firstly, all of my photographs are covered by a Creative Commons License (CC-BY-NC-ND), in short, you cannot use them commercially nor post them without providing attribution back to me in some form (preferably by leaving my watermark in place), secondly, if you reach out to me, I am willing to provide you with a non-watermarked image for a small fee.  This helps support my budding photography career and keeps me afloat.  

Many thanks!