Act 1
I am a native of Harlem, New York raised during the crack era of New York City.  My father was an elementary school dropout who sold drugs and committed a number of robberies in Harlem.  My mother was a high school graduate who became one of my father's good customers.  I didn't see my father much during my youth as he spent a large amount of time in jail.  My mother "raised" me on public assistance in between her drug use.  Around 8 or 9 years old, i was removed from her and placed in foster care.  I spent the remainder of my independence being bounced between group homes, homes of family members, and roaming the streets.  I became an emancipated minor at 16 due to my independent nature.
Act 2
I was fortunate enough to be found and helped to attend college in Florida.  For me the change was a huge adjustment, finally having stable meals and a home.  My excitement was short-lived as I learned I did not have the scholarship advertised, was responsible for student loans, and the HBCU experience was not close to the show A Different World, which was my only exposure to college beforehand.  However, I went on to have a good amount of success in college.  I participated in student government, student radio, fraternity life, volunteer organizations, and worked for the university in various roles related to technology.
Act 3
Following my negative experience in college, I decided to work towards becoming a college president so I could help create a better experience for those following me.  I continued to law school due to the large number of legal issues facing HBCUs at that time.  Law school was a positive experience and helped create a great foundation for my doctoral studies that followed.  As part of my doctoral experience I served as an administration for a HBCU where I was able to see, in action, the ailments facing these institutions and the genesis of them.  Having earned my doctorate, I am now dedicated towards creating a positive and successful environment and experience for students, especially black males.
With Thanks. . . 
Many thanks to and for my children, Neverson and Najm.
Many thanks to:  Dr. Thomasenia Adams, Dr. Laurence Alexander, Ericka Bennett, Janet Broiles, Dr. Willie Bryant, Dr. Dale Campbell, Geraldine Charles, Dr. Eugene Fechter, Roland Gaines, Charisse Hudson-Vassell, Ishante Hunter, Dr. Joe Jackson, Rosaleen Lambey, Ariel Leget, Dr. Ivy Mitchell, Clarence Heatley, Sr., Yinka Raheem, Dr. Carl Sandeen, Marricka Scott, Christine Smith, Conrad Webley, Lillie Wiley-Upshaw
And thank you to the many other people placed in my life to help me through the rough times.
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